18 year old girl actually NEEDS her Father!

ONe on oneHello!

Getting ready for our detox on Monday I am sure!  I have to say I am looking forward to it…going out tonight and it makes me feel Happy knowing I can “play” and not get off my goals!  The Spring – Bringing Your SEXY back! Detox and Cleanse is full of yummy belly slimming recipes to get us in “fighting shape” for the summer!  This will be running through June – so Jump in anytime!

I am so excited that this week I have gotten 4 new “Dangerous Curves” clients…word is spreading and the weather has people committed to making permanent changes and most importantly – caring enough for themselves to commit to learning new habits!

So Fun!

I am actually working with a beautiful 18 year old young lady who has moved here from Buffalo to go tho school here with her father.

A little lost and depressed her grades and self confidence have taken a beating.  I met her father at a networking event..a fashion show at the Jaguar-Landrover dealer here, (didn’t have these kinds of functions in Cecil County!) and he has hired me to help his daughter…

Well our first meeting went great!  We shared goals, concerns and assessed all sides of the situation.

She misses her Mom, her Aunt, her Grandmother..basically her entire nurturing

support network from where she came…

What a great Dad to realize that he needed help…not many can accept that frustrating fact.

But now he is on top of the world…in our first meeting, I learned that his living room was not set up well for more than one person to watch TV. That would be Dad since he has been a bachelor most of his life.

She wants to sit with or near her Dad when they watch TV…she’s lonely, sad and depressed right now.

She want’s to be near him.

When I told him this yesterday, he chocked back tears.  And was exuberant…Apparently is daughter was so happy the night after we spent time together he noticed immediately. She went to the gym, and made it a point to visit him after at work with her dog.  He was happy then.

To find out that the girl he was afraid had grown to big to need her Daddy – want’s him right now, overwhelmed him..

They are re-arranging the living room as I type!

Health Coaching is not all about Nutrition and Exercise….As you are aware, for me, it’s about Life Balance.

Find your happiness – detach yourself from the negatives that bring you down…

No matter how hard it may be…let it or that person go…

Focus on the great you that I KNOW AND SO DO YOU! that is in there.

If you need some help contact me!  We can set up a time to discuss your personal goals and a strategy plan!

Have a beautiful weekend!

Love, Jeanie

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