Reducing waistlines – Increasing empowerment

ONe on oneI received this email from a One on One coaching client this morning and I wanted to “share” to give some insight as to how personalized coaching is, and how empowering it can be for those who have decided to put themselves and their health first!


As I was reading this I thought about our discussion this morning. Where you said I wasn’t getting back as much as I gave from my family.

This has always been true but I wanted to show you I always have people sent to me like yourself  & what’s in this article to bring me back to focus.

I appreciate the extra time you took for me today & want you to know you did help tremendously. I feel more empowered again!

Have a great day!


Just another example of how deep Health Coaching support can go.  Cindy has been working with me for 3 months and has lost over 20 pounds.  After years of getting nowhere she is extremely happy.  We have been working together and focusing on her self sacrificial habits that have negatively affected her health and has created an environment that she is often unappreciated.

Last week she had multiple family dramas (we all do) that threatened to take her off track.  Mindset is so critical when undergoing habit and lifestyle change – so we scheduled an “emergency” meeting.

Sometimes “blockages” are holding us back from being our best selves, and we may not even be aware.  Sometimes it takes a few sessions to uncover deep issues as I get to “really know” my clients.  And by then, they know me intimately and trust my observations.

Anyone can advise you as to calorie counting, a work out schedule and that maybe you are making the wrong choices…But here we take the time to uncover the “Why?”

And sometimes, there is more than one WHY?

The ability to give clients the emotional armor that they so desperately crave is so Amazing!  And strangely enough, as they uncover the roots of their cravings (associate food here) they are able to overcome them.

An amazing cycle!

Need help finding your empowerment and strength?

Ladies – get help navigating the Dangerous Curves of life with our One on One coaching.  I like to say “We gotta master the dangerous curves in order to create Dangerous Curves”

And Men – you are not immune!  Life is tough, and balancing work, healthy habits, food choices and exercise to stay in fighting shape also can be overwhelming.  And if not mastered – life threatening!

For Men Only - Personal Health Coaching

Consider For Men Only – Personal coaching series that focuses on balancing your professional responsibilities with your personal responsibilities for your health and fitness!  My For Men Only clients watch their dependency on medications decrease as their waistline decreases!

Its ALL related!

Coach Jeanie




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