Anti-Aging for your Skin – it is simple – Really



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Drinking more water:


Drinking more water greatly reduces the skin dryness. It regulated the internal blood circulation and provides necessary moisturizer for the skin. I recommend to my clients to purchase the large 1 litre bottles of filtered or spring water (the best quality they can find and afford) and drink 2 a day.  That provides a visual and constant reminder.  If the first one isn’t done by 2pm, slam it and crack open number 2.  Finish by bedtime.


Cool things off in the shower


Use moderate water to wash your hands, face or while taking shower.  It is also recommended to end the shower on a cold note, both for hair and skin.  The increased circulation of blood to the skin to “warm it up” is a great anti-wrinkle trick.  Jump out and – oh, here is the next one.


Moisturize your skin as if your life depended on it!


Skin dries due to lack of moisture. When you feel your hands, face or feet dry moisturize it with any method you like. Use creams or lotions that are best suit your skin to moisturize it.  I prefer a natural oil (coconut, jojoba) and then topped off with a thicker moisturizing cream to seal it in!  Trust me, soft smooth skin is worth it’s weight in gold to you and your sweetie!


Exfoliate your skin:


Exfoliate your skin once  a week to avoid dryness. You can put scrubs and apply oils that will help.  Daily Dry skin brushing is also highly recommended to increase the circulation to the skin as well.




English: A Facial mask. Português: Uma Máscara...

Weekly Facials at home or spa

Facial masks:


Homemade healthy masks or rich natural masks can be applied one or two times a week. Extracting impurities will aide in detoxification, clear pores and accelerate the cleansing process to eliminate acne.  Long term, avoidance of acne will cause less breakouts and scarring.  Staying true to your facial routine will benefit you for many years to come!


Use face and hand washes:


If you feel your skin is dry then stop using soaps that cause more dryness. You should use face and hand washes that have more moisturizers.  The more natural ingredients the better.  Chemical solvents do a great job at removing makeup and dirt quickly. They will remove your natural skin oils just as quickly…Hello wrinkles and premature aging!  Take your time on your face and hands, they are the first “giveaway” to your true age…until someone comes up with a “handlift”


 Use healthy fish oil pills


Here is one of the few “miracle pills” out there.  A good quality fish oil pill or liquid. The liquids come flavored and are what I prefer. Ever take a fish oil pill and experience “fishy burps”? I know I have, and it’s not cool.  Fish oils are able to go rancid in pill form, and it goes undetected until in your belly.  The little burps…old oil.  Yuck!  So check your expiration dates, and consider the liquid.  I use the orange flavored and cant tell its fish oil. But Oh, do I know.  A high quality cold water fish oil is your skins best friend.  So many other benefits, this deserves a post on its own…another day..


Sound like high maintenance?  Maybe at first, but once you have incorporated simple habits daily and weekly you won’t think twice about it.


To your health!


Coach Jeanie


Need a little help figuring all of this out? Consider becoming a Client.




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