Key to a flat belly

The key to a tiny tummy is in the kitchen

I constantly have people asking me “How do you keep your belly so flat?”  I am 43 years old, my Son is 21.  I have no story of overcoming a disease or losing  a huge amount of weight.  The most I have is – I am 43 and my Son is 21 – Oh yeah, he is a Corporal in the US Marines, an expert shot, both rifle and pistol, and Commands the shooting range teaching the soldiers and officers how to shoot. In Okinawa Japan.  He teaches skills that could save lives – I guess a chip off the old block.  Maybe that would help …

So while I can’t show you a picture of me overweight, ok I could pull up my pregnancy pictures, but I always felt that was kind of silly.  How can a diet or program take credit for that?  I could however,  win a prize for how consistently I have lost the 7 to 10 pounds that I pack on regularly (each holiday season of course!) here in the North East.  To my acquaintances I never seem to gain.  My close friends however know what I do and how I do it..And yes, my close friends are ALL paying clients, and happily so…

Lisa 1 final

Losing 12 pounds this year combined with the 7 to 10 over the last 20 years I have lost approximately 140 – 200 pounds!  Holy Shit – I could have erased myself! Thank God I eat enough and ENJOY it!

Don’t think because I never allowed my weight to pack on, that I haven’t been busting my ass and constantly learning new and better eating habits.  ( HAVE to do this after 40!)

So rather than ask how, motivate yourself to take action.  And at a minimum, do a detox and see for yourself how I do it…year after year.  Talking about it wont get it done, your lips have caused enough trouble…lol…Shut them, and register to learn!

comnb e booko_00

When you are ready to believe in yourself, commit to 10 days – you will be ready to change your life for the better.  My clients learn consistency and results.  Yeah, we all fall off the wagon. But we keep trying and keep getting better.  The best source of group support is with my challenges.  We pick each other up, and celebrate our successes. No matter how big or how small.  Rome was neither built or torn down in one day.  And realistically 10 days will not undo years of the wrong choices and a damaged metabolism.

summer group challenge

But if you stay true to the program, it will be true to you and relieve you of 5 to 10 pounds safely in 10 days.  In the challenges top losers drop 15 to 20 in 6 weeks.  And learn how to keep it off.

Most importantly, my programs will give you hope and empower you!  You can go on vacation and enjoy yourself.  Jump in the detox before, tighten up, and repeat it after to lose what you gained.  Few of us look at Diet ranches as a vacation!  Enjoy a long holiday weekend and clean it up the week afterwards.  Repeat this a few times a year – seasonally, and you can see why my clients are so excited.  There is light at the end of the tunnel. A new dawn, free of extra pounds, disease, joint pain and depression.

One week at a time, step by step…I can get you there!  The question is how badly do you want to get there.

Detox details…!summer-2013-detox/c1bb2

Challenge details…!group-weight-loss-challenge/c1gbe

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