Are you up for the Challenge?

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Are you up for the Challenge?

Summer is a tough time to stay focused and motivated.  We have been conditioned since childhood that this is our “earned” time off.

So imagine that you have been working hard all year (since January for most of my clients) and now here we are – Summer Time!

For those of us in areas that weather colder climates in the winter, the appeal and “losing control” syndrome is even more magnified.

Many of us, exhibit an entitlement mentality of overindulging every weekend, or at every event that hosts an overabundance of unhealthy fattening foods.  Because that’s what you do in the summer – Right?

Chronic disease, eroding joints from too much pressure and bad food choices are what will ruin any time you look forward to having off in the future. Is calming it down a little, or continuing to stay focused on good habits really that hard?

This is not a judgment as to how you look, or what makes you feel comfortable or happy. So those of you who want to stand up and yell about your right to make a beeline to diabetes,  sit down and listen.

 It’s a warning.

If your BMI is in the obese range (and over 2/3’rds of us are) you are setting yourself up for a lifetime of discomfort, disease, cancers and limited mobility. You  will not  be able to enjoy your time off – possibly for the rest of your life.

And who are you influencing?  The adolescent rate of obesity is at an all time high. If not for you, take this Challenge for them, your children.  Whatever you have to do to realize how important you health is to you and those you love – GET THERE!

As my clients lose the weight and realize a lighten burden on their physical bodies, something funny happens.  The emotional burdens seem lighter too…

And they Feel happier.

And lighter…

So do not let this Summer get in the way of all of the summers you have yet to enjoy!  If you know you need to make the changes, realize that it will be gradual.  Our Challenges offer all of the tools and support virtually so convenience is key.  Live coaching is available and recorded weekly for all participants.

We start with a Super Duper clean menu (Season Cleanse) that removes known allergens for 7-10 days and Kick Starts weight loss from 5-10 pounds. Then you have access to Body Love’s Wellness Portal where you can custom create a nutrition plan complete with grocery shopping lists that can be broken down to even an individual day, days or a week.

Your live coach will recommend at home workouts, available in our store online at Body Love Shop, or one of over 40 different online workouts that are broken down by ability.  And if that’s too much to consider, walking and stairs can even be accounted for so that Everyone is a winner!

So if you are like me and tend to get tempted to get alittle lazy in the summertime…understand we all do.  I printed out my workout card for the upcoming week from the Wellness Portal (also available through IPhone) and added my notes.  And now I feel focused again.

I am Ready to jump back into it on Monday!  The past week I have been  focusing on walking and stairs as I implemented a new pedometer.  Wow – I need to walk a lot to get the job done, but for my clients who are stuck behind a desk, it definitely motivates you to get your ass up and walk a lap or run up and down the stairs at the office.  Every little bit counts!

So Monday, I’ll be back in the gym with my dumbbell family, 10, 15, 20 and occasionally 25 and 30 (my big boys) and let Mr Smith (machine) know that I am sorry to have been gone so long. They have been used to a week of neglect here and there, but this time, it was more like two.  My home gym construction phase is almost done – so soon I will not have any excuses!

Together we will create an insured body against disease and disability.  By becoming stronger, and leaner we will look forward to an active and fun time off!  One rep and one healthy meal at a time!

Join me!

Coach Jeanie

For information about our Seasonal Challenges –  go here.

Employers, to understand how you can protect your health care costs from going through the roof – go here.

For the self motivated – try our Seasonal Cleanse, and slim down in 7 to 10 days!


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